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Body shaping

I have a tough time keeping pace with cardio. But with my cardio fitness songs I don't have to guess. I just follow along. I've lost 15 pds. In just 2 months. Thanks Charlie Trainer.
Wolinda Johnson
Los Angeles, Ca.

Just do it!

All you have to do is download the songs, put them in your mp3 player or iPod and follow. You will lose weight. Don't go to the gym without your fitnesssongs.
Charlie Trainer
Creator of fitnesssongs


1000's of people have downloaded fitnesssongs and you can too. Your mp3 player should have fitnesssongs loaded and ready to go. Let's workout!

Why wait

You are just one step away from learning how to lose weight the right way forever.
Charlie Trainer
Personal weight loss Coach

flex burner

The Flex Burner Max, Helped me get stronger without using weights. I could do it at home.
Donna Chamberlain
Bolder Co.
Lose Weight with fitnesssongs on your MP3, iPod, iPhone Android!

Instructional Cardio & Weight training audio fitness songs

Instructional Cardio & Weight training audio

Fitness songs for Mp3 or iPod to workout. Download audio to playlist. Select the cardio or exercise fitnesssongs for personal use in the gym or home. Walking and working out to the beat, the Charlie Trainer way. Since research has proven that listening and adhering to commands while exercising instantly increases results, Charlie Trainer, a U.S. Army veteran and Fitness Trainer to some of Hollywood's A-list actors, has created cadence workouts formatted for your iPod and Mp3 player. Charlie's cadence commanded exercises are combined with a variety of music that will encourage you to move to the beat and cause you to burn more calories and fat, increase muscle tone and definition. And for cardio workouts, the music tempo changes will challenge and maximize every fitness level. With the help of energetic, motivating music tunes; house, electronic, hip hop, and other popular mixes, Charlie Trainer will be your personal trainer and guide you through each exercise of your choice. With your iPod or MP3 Player and Charlie Trainer, the secret Hollywood personal training technique is accessible and possible. Just select your exercises, add them to your workout playlist and get moving. Whether you workout at home, the gym, or in your neighborhood, you can enhance your workouts and get in shape, the Hollywood way with Charlie Trainer's Get your workouts today!

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1 A positive mental attitude mind exerciseFitness is about health of your mind, body, and soul. A strong positive mental attitude can change your world. Use this song to uplift your spirits. Your days can be filled with negative receptions. This song can help counter those negative visual and audio encounters. It may also help in lowering your stress, increasing your courage, improving your mental outlook on life. sample
2 Barbell bench chest press, (exercise routine)iPod workout session for the chest. Download to your iPod or mp3 and take to the gym with you or use it at home.. sample
3 Bustin Beat Walk exercise routineDownload walking music. This song takes you on a walk using progressive beats that increase in speed then decrease on the end to give you a great walk with a nice cool down. sample
4 Elliptical Calorie Shredder workout routineMelt the body fat away with the Elliptical Calorie Shredder 30 minute cardio workout session. It's like having your own personal trainer telling you what to do while you are on the elliptical cardio machine. sample
5 Flex Burner Max (workout routine)The flex burner max is a combination of exercises that uses Charlie Trainer’s New Flex Technique to help speed up your toning and strengthing efforts. The flex technique uses the bodies on strength as intensity. By far this is the best technique ever discovered for slimming inches off the body through exercise. "A must add to playlist". Can do this exercise anywhere. At home or in the gym... sample
6 HOT! Floor Crunch abdominal workout,(exercise routine)Workout music. The Floor crunch is a stomach exercise. It is the best exercise to shape the stomach. Doing the crunch regularly 3 to 4 times a week will help you reach your goal... sample
7 Lat Pulldown to the front (exercise routine)A back exercise that tones and strengthens the upper back... sample
8 Laying Leg Curl Machine (exercise routine)Best exercise for the back of the leg. The laying leg curl machine is for toning and shaping the back of the leg. Use this exercise along with two or more additional leg exercises to get a complete leg workout. sample
9 Laying reverse crunch abdominal workout (exercise routine)Best abdominal workout music to download. The laying reverse crunch puts your lower body in motion to create a tighting effect on the stomach area. Doing this exercise on a consistent basis will help you improve your stomach strength and tone... sample
10 Leg extension machine (exercise routine)The Leg extension machine exercises the front thigh muscles and the side hip areas. Use this machine if you want to shape the front legs... sample
11 Leg press machine (exercise routine)Personal training instructions that help you get around in the gym. Burn more calories at a fraction of the cost of a real personal trainer. sample
12 Melenator cycle training 30 minute (workout routine)A stationary exercise bike workout routine program. Blending sounds of house, jazz, dance, electronic, classic, all mixed into one 30 minute fitnesssong. Inpirational famous quotes that can motivate you while you are sweating it out. sample
13 Semirobic push up 50 (workout routine)The Semirobic push up 50 uses Charlie Trainers awesome cadence technique. Get a great workout! If you are just a starter or an experienced exerciser, the Semirobic push up 50 will get you results. Burn more calories than a regular push up, tone muscles faster than a regular push up, with great music and commands.. sample
14 Smith Machine Squats. (exercise routine)This fitnesssong has the correct cadence and speed to ensure that your exercise movement will shape and tone your legs from this exercise. Just like a personal trainer telling you what to do this fitnesssong, complete with energetic music, will work you out. sample
15 Treadmill Burner workout routineDownload your personal training workout to your ipod or mp3 player today and listen to your personal trainer while on the treadmill. Click to find out more info.. sample
16 Treadmill Hotwalker workout routineThis form of walking involves walking to the beat like a cadence being given by a group leader. Because of that cadence, the walk or, march, is usually higher in physical intensity than a normal walk. The result is more calories burned. If you want to use walking for your cardio exercise, and would like to burn more calories than a normal walk, this is the solution.. sample

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